Just Jash

Just Jash



Photographer +
Visual Storyteller.

My name is Joshua Peter Grafstein, though I’m often called Jash  because I’m originally from Chicago and can’t seem to escape that Midwestern accent.


Captivating Visuals.

Like a magician performing a magic trick, I use different techniques in photography, filmmaking, motion graphics, and  special effects to create visuals that tell a story and captivate an audience.


Creative Tools.

  • Photography
    I have a BFA in Photography and 15+ years of experience as a photographer in a variety of settings: Concerts, Music Festivals, Special Events, Lifestyle, Portraits, Product, Branded Activation, Food, Beverage, Advertising,  Time Lapse, 3D film, and immersive 360 Photography.
  • Videography
    My extensive experience in video productions includes: Short Form Video for Social Media (Tik Tok, Instagram, Youtube, etc...) Commercials, Immersive 360,  VR Video,  Music Videos, Live Streams, and Real Time VJing.


  • Editing
    Here's where some of the magic happens! I use a variety of different programs and techniques to elevate and enhance my visuals, everything from simple retouching to immersive experiences. My goal is to always create stand out content for my clients across all platforms.
  • Marketing
    My experience as a content producer for various creative agencies has shown me the power of collaborating with a team. I have been part of teams that have produced Events, Music Festivals, Product Launches, Branded Activations and have learned something from every experience.


Selected Photography.






Selected Videos.


In My Toolbox.

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Lightroom

  • Adobe Premiere

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Insta360 Studio

  • Instagram / Tik Tok

  • WordPress

  • Blender



(Partial List)

BSTRO Marketing

01/2022 - 08/2022

Short Form Content Producer

Specializing in creating content for Tik Tok and Instagram reels. Tasks include market research, preproduction, copywriting, video production, video editing, motion graphics, and sound design for various wellness brands.

Good Kids Creative Agency


Photographer & Video Producer

Photography, video production, video editing and motion graphics for various fashion and entertainment brands.

Just Jash

2010 - Present

Freelance Photographer & Videographer

Music and entertainment related photography and video content for brands, event producers , promoters , and agencies.


Some of my Clients.



Ask me anything.

  • How do you say your name?
    When I was starting my career as a photographer my friends would make jokes about my Chicago accent and the name Jash kinda stuck... Jash or Josh is fine.
  • Where are you based?
    I am based in Vancouver, British Columbia. But I love to travel and am open to opportunities anywhere. Because I'm a dual citizen USA and Canada,  I'm able to work anywhere in North America.
  • What are your rates?
    What's your budget?
    Just Kidding.
    Rate Card is available on request.
    I try to be flexible (within reason). Lets chat!
  • Can you work full time?
    I am currently seeking full time employment, along with on-going freelance opportunities. I'm specifically looking for work in: brand partnerships, product activations, concerts, conferences, special events, and music festivals. Or anything else you can think of!
  • Let's Collab...
    I am always open to connecting with bands, musicians, painters, models, dancers, and other visual artists to find a way to make some magic together.


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