Since 2014, I've been photographing music festivals. Every festival is different and presents different opportunities to get creative.
There are many different ways to approach onsite festival photography, videography, and motion graphics.
This page is meant to showcase a few of my favourite techniques,
The Roller Coaster Edit
This thrilling edit keeps the camera constantly moving on an exciting ride full of spins, inversions, and unexpected perspectives, showing off exactly what you want your audience to see.
Giving viewers a glimpse into high energy moments from the point of view of whoever is wearing the Camera.
Imagine this camera be worn by the DJ , Stage Performers, and Headliners to showcase the same moment from different perspectives.
360 Timelapse
This is another unique way to capture and showcase a music festival. Capturing the stage production, flow of people, and atmosphere. 
VR Video
Become immersed in 360º HD / VR footage of the dynamic stage show.
Or experience the event like you were in the front row,

VR video is only available on Youtube and Facebook.
Tiny Planets
Big events shrunk small: Reframing 360 video content in a way that displays the entire location in this fun & unexpected way. Ideal for short form entertainment, sizzle reels, instagram. 
Analog 3D
A fresh take on an optical illusion.
Stop Motion Hyperlapse
Take skipping the line to the extreme! Imagine moving through space and time in a fun way to illustrate your top attractions, activations, food offerings & entertainment.
Clone Edits
Parallax Edits
Bringing still images to life y using with motion graphics to enhance foreground objects.
Onsite Video Editing
This content is generally photographer, editied and published on social media while the artist is performing / shortly after their performance.