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Touch Designer Accelerator Coaching – Week 1


Using this space to collect my thoughts, and share my work and content that I find inspiring.



I’ve always found this printmaking technique to be quite interesting.

Breaking down an image into color and dots.

Based off a tutorial from bileam tschepe (elekktronaut)

Audio Reactive Geometric Patterns based on a tutorial from Digital Abstracts.

Dance Video with my friend Greer based on David Brauns optical flow particle compute shader.

I don’t love this video, mainly because you can’t see the dancer’s feet. Still a work in progress.

100 Amigos Art Show

Stop motion sequence I shot at an art gallery and some generative designs inspired by one of the curator’s works.

PYRAMIDS Projection Mapping Project

One big obstacle I encounter this week was figuring out how to do a UV unwrap on the SOP geometry I had created. After posting on the Immersive HQ facebook group I got some great advice from Matthew Regan and recreated the pyramid object in blender and use that UV unwrap feature.

After creating this first texture, I created a second version where I split the faces and rearranged the them on the uv map to be stacked

The PYRAMIDS project currently has a few different visualization modes.
– Wireframe
– Instances: Texture mode 1
– Instances: Texture mode 2
– Light Projector Mode
– Audio reactive faces based on this tutorial from Thee Dashes

The next technique I will be integrating is the Tension Grid technique from Tolch

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